Nicky Jones joined academia out of desperation for a normal suburban life. It didn’t work. She now teaches journalism and ethics, new media, feature writing, opinion (which comes easily) and specialist writing, corporate stuff, far too much theory, research methodology and just about anything else she is called upon to do. Jones worked as a journalist for 12 years before leaping into the university world, and still writes whenever she can. Far too many editors visibly blanch when her name is mentioned. She particularly likes the thought of subverting an entire new generation of journalists.
Originally planning on being a lawyer, writing won the day, and she has a bachelor’s degree in English and History and English Honours, as well as a Doctor of Literature from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Jones has a fondness for dry red wines, dry humour and old Scotch. Preferring cats to dogs, she reads too much, smokes too much and doesn’t sleep enough. While acknowledging that snacking on gardenias won’t make you feel better, she still believes gardening is better than Prozac, and spends most of her free time fixing windows that her three gorgeous sons and recalcitrant husband have shattered with a variety of odd-shaped balls

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